Briefly in English

Figure skating is a versatile and fun hobby! 

Here at Porin Taitoluistelu Ry we want the sports activity to be a joyful and rewarding event for everyone. The number of new skaters is constantly growing. The success of Finnish figure skating in the international level has also given an extra boost to the growth in the number of skaters. 

One of our strengths is that we offer something for everyone. Boys and girls of all ages, young and old, have the opportunity to engage in a diverse sport that offers not only ice training but also much more; like expression skills, dancing, etc. Our club has decades of experience in working with children and youngsters. We have a skating school and a skill school. We have competitors in solo skating all the way up to the Finnish Championship level. 

During the competition season, our skaters have been successful in regional and national competitions. We also organize competitions ourselves. In addition to the competitions, we arrange an ice show that is very popular every year. In addition, summer courses are an integral part of our club's activities. 

Currently we have about 100 skaters. For us, all of our skaters are equal and equally important and we want to positively encourage them to develop their own skills. 

Porin Taitoluistelu ry is a member of: 

STLL (Finnish Figure Skating Association) 

LoSuTa (Southwest Finland Figure Skating) 

LiiKu (Southwest Finland Exercise and Sports) 

Figure skating offers the best: strong, steady and fast-paced ice sports. 


Every skater in Porin Taitoluistelu must register either to the skating school or as a competitive skater. Solo skaters always register for the entire skating season (from the beginning of August to the end of May). Skating school students always register separately for the autumn and spring seasons. 

All skaters are charged a club membership fee once a year, which is valid during the Finnish Figure Skating Association's financial year. 

Registration is via MyClub events: 

Old skaters (existing MyClub ID): 

New skaters: 

Absences entitling to a reduction in the monthly fee 

- Illness/injuries exceeding 7 days with a medical certificate 

- Confirmation camp 

- School camp 

- STLL - project group camps / sport academy camps (junior high school/high school)


To obtain a deduction, always contact the club treasurer, who will determine the amount of the deduction. The reduction is calculated according to the following formula: monthly payment / 30 * number of days of absence.


Sibling discount 

The sibling discount is EUR 10 and is reduced as follows: 

If the siblings skate in the competition groups, the highest monthly fee will be paid in full and the other fees will be deducted from the other group's fee by 10 euros as a sibling discount. If the siblings skate in the competition groups and in the skating school, the sister discount will be deducted from the skating school student fee as well as the lower competition group fee, so that the highest fee will be paid in full. 

Distance learning discount 

Skaters studying in another economic area who only participate in rehearsals and competitions on weekends will be granted a discount by government decision on a case-by-case basis. 

Late payments 

If the skater's monthly or competition fees are overdue and the treasurer has not been contacted, the club has the right to prevent the skater from entering the competitions and club shows and, if necessary, rehearsals. 

In case of any payment difficulties, please contact the club treasurer to agree on payment schedules. 

Ending of skating 

Completion of the skating will be announced using a form. It is also polite to report in person to the skating group’s head coach. 

The notice period is 1 month from the end of the month in which the notice of termination is given. 

The obligation to pay ends at the end of the notice period. 

Skating school 

See Skating School -section from out webpage.

Monthly fees for competition groups 

The monthly payment criteria can be read in the membership room. 

Always use the reference number when paying monthly and other club invoices!